Roads & Transportation
Sr. No. Name of the Project
Ongoing Works
1. 8 Lanning of Ferozepur   Road from Sidhwan Canal to MC Limit
2. Development of Missing Link 1 & 2
3. RUB near Lodhi Club Ludhiana
4. Construction of ROB in lieu of Lakkar Bazar
Sr. No. Name of the Project
Proposed Works
2 Rejuvenation of Budha Nallah
3 Up-gradation of Humbran Road from Court Chowk to MCL limit
Remodeling of Fountain Chowk area
4 Up-gradation of Pakhowal Road from Bhai Bala Chowk to MCL limit
Construction of ROB at Pakhowal Road
Up-gradation of Malhar Road from  FZR  road to Shastri Nagar crossing
5 Construction of Parking complex at Feroze Gandhi Market and O&M of Parking Complex at Mata Rani Chowk

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